"Empowering families & supporting children to develop to their fullest potential."


We are here to support you to become a more confident caregiver and to support infants and toddlers to grow to be the best them they can be.

Evening and Weekend Appointments Available

Partnering With Families

YOU are your child’s best teacher, and YOU know your child best. We work with you to address your concerns and questions. We create goals together, and while providing research-based strategies, we collaborate with you to adapt them in ways that make the most sense for your family to carry out. We also specialist in home-based services allowing us to come to you where your child is most comfortable.

Supporting All Children

We are experienced and dedicated to serving all children from 0-3 years old. Whether you would like extra support approaching your child’s development and next steps or you would like help supporting your child with developmental delays, we are here for you. We are also specially trained to confidently and competently work with children experiencing a wide-range of special needs and medical conditions.

Providing Individualized, Holistic Services

Seattle Specialists for Infants and Toddlers was created out of a recognized need to be able to provide truly tailored services and strategies as unique as you and your child, while addressing the WHOLE child, allowing for optimal and efficient success in meeting and exceeding individualized goals.

Who can benefit?

  • If you ever wonder if your little one is where they should be developmentally
  • If you want more skills, strategies, and activities to help your child grow and learn
  • If you want support for your baby in a loving and effective child-centered, research-based approach
  • If you want to supplement other services and treatments your child is already receiving with holistic, family-friendly services
  • If you are looking for someone who is inclusive of all family makeups, backgrounds, cultures, and lifestyles

We specialize in…

All Areas of Development

Gross motor, Fine Motor, Speech & Communication, Cognitive, Social, and Adaptive

Routines Based Strategies

Making “working” towards your goals effortless and enjoyable as we incorporate strategies naturally into your daily routines

Developmental Assessments

Provides caregivers a clear picture of where their child’s current abilities are, what they can expect to come next, and strategies for how to foster continued growth

Infant Massage

Teaching caregivers and practitioners how to effectively and safely massage newborns on up to promote positive attachment, physical development, overall health, adaptive and communication skills, and more

Online Services

Globally providing effective online services and classes, adopted from our previously in-home services and in-community classes, delivering the same great results as in-person, while staying safe and healthy

Family Life Coaching

Caring for the whole family by targeting family goals intentionally addressing areas from family togetherness, parenting skills, relocation and travel assistance, special needs resources, and more

“Begin your journey to become a more empowered and confident caregiver supporting your child to live up to their fullest potential.”